Women in Tech: A series of portraits of inspiring women

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Nov 9, 2021 11:22:00 AM

Women in Tech: A series of portraits of inspiring women


Among all IT jobs in France in 2021, just 20 percent were held by women. And even if tech jobs are gradually gaining ground in the hearts of women, they’re still struggling to find their place in this rapidly expanding market.

But things are changing, and in a good way! To accelerate the feminization of the IT industry, nexten.io has unveiled “Women in Tech,” a series of portraits giving a voice to female developers.

Fascinating, inspiring, enlightening, each of them relate experiences in the field and the boundaries they’ve encountered — but also the enrichments brought on by the world of development. They will tell us about the place they’ve taken — sometimes by force, along with the place they were naturally given, and finally, the place they all deserve.

But where are all the women who code?

Where are they?

It’s a fact: in the IT development sector, there is still a lot of groundwork to be done in order to achieve parity. Long misportrayed by Hollywood movies and series, the image of the geek with a hoodie who hacks the secret services is slowly losing ground. There’s still a long way to go, and the figures don’t lie: in 2021, just 3% of software creators are women!

In the era of digital transformation, bringing IT professions to more women is essential. The various professions (from developer to data scientist to project manager) must be democratized among women, starting in high school. In a context of talent shortage, a sustainable solution could be to train and support more women ready to become the future nuggets of tomorrow. Nothing could be more logical, right?


Positive discrimination: ally or enemy?

Although positive discrimination was originally integrated into the professional environment to support and help individuals, the concept can be criticized. The principle of quotas in companies, for example, can raise doubts: is a woman’s success linked to this desire to restructure teams or to her real skills? What an insidious question! In fact, this approach, although extremely positive, can quickly become entrenched and create even more mistrust or suspicion within the professional sphere.


Social perceptions are indeed what need to be modified, and in a broad, global way. The situation of women in the labor market is improving year after year. However, salary inequalities and difficulties for women to access strategic and/or managerial positions are still very real.

In order to achieve this, market players must multiply initiatives on this subject. This topic merits more discussion in the professional sphere. Women already in positions must bring their insights and all the benefits of joining a team of developers. Ada Tech School, Sista, IA, WIDE and other organizations have taken the problem at arm’s length and are already doing a great job of democratization.

And that’s what we at nexten.io want to get at! We’d like to interview female development professionals in order to shed light on this topical issue, which needs to evolve rapidly in order to finally achieve gender parity. It’s about breaking the clichés and giving women the place they deserve. If you recognize yourself and wish to speak out, contact us!


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