What If You Became a Mentor?

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Mar 25, 2022 5:11:02 PM

What If You Became a Mentor?

The benefits of having a mentor are endless! Having the experience and knowledge of someone willing to share it with you can really boost your career.

But have you ever thought about the opposite?

What if you, a knowledgeable developer, also became a guide, mentor, or coach for other developers in search of knowledge? The benefits you stand to gain might surprise you!

Learn pedagogy

Sharing all the knowledge you’ve gained over the years is not an easy task. You’ll need to do some mental gymnastics and make sure you get your message across clearly! In addition to improving your self-confidence by taking a mentee under your wing, you must also carefully choose the right approach, and this in turn will boost your communication skills!

Gain more experience

It’s a virtuous loop: the more your developer learns from your guidance, the more you’ll learn as well! Developers never really solve the same problem twice, and therein lies the beauty of the job! By accompanying apprentices during their trials and tribulations, you discover new situations and challenges you may never encounter alone. Thus, your overall vision of the job is broadened, and you also gain skills.

Participate in the evolution of the market

“Alone you go faster, with two you go further:
” This time-tested adage still holds true. Mentoring another dev also means that you keep a critical eye on the market and its technical developments. Together, it’s easier for you to stay current and alert each other to the latest trends. Moreover, by contributing to the success of young developers and helping them benefit from your experience, you actively contribute to the prosperity and economic development of the IT sector.

Boost your soft skills

The ability to listen, to share, to lead, to work in a team… Remember that businesses value soft skills as much as hard ones, and while hard skills are acquired through technical knowledge, soft skills are learned by turning to others. Mentoring a fellow developer can only help you develop strengths and become more agile. Indeed, developing your soft skills is useful both with colleagues at work and with family and friends at home!


In addition to meeting the future rising stars of the industry, you also open yourself up to a whole new network of fellow developers and enthusiasts. You’ll meet new developers, open yourself up to new ways of thinking, and get out of your comfort zone. What’s more, if the developers you’ve mentored have good memories of you, new job opportunities may open up for you as well!

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