Technical interview: overview of Do’s & Don’ts [devs]

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Jun 14, 2021 9:41:00 AM

Technical interview: overview of Do’s & Don’ts [devs]

Mission accomplished: your CV has captured the recruiter’s attention! Now, the recruiter wants to move on to the next step and confirm your skills. This article’s for you! Whether you’re a developer or a UX/UI designer, the technical interview can cause worry for many. And yet it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your know-how! In order to meet this challenge, our team of developers at has given us some advice to apply or, on the contrary, to avoid, during a technical interview.



Before every interview — classic or technical — remember to prepare yourself for the best conditions to succeed. For this type of exercise, it’s all about your mind and managing your stress. If your CV has caught the recruiter’s interest and he or she now wants to put your technical skills to the test, you’re already halfway there!

Getting ready

Before the technical interview, you must anticipate and prepare your tech environment. This means first being able to adapt to the equipment provided for the interview if you aren’t working on your own computer. It’s important to know how to get your bearings in order to be comfortable quickly and produce what’s required. After all, this is about setting on a new mission from scratch in the best conditions to succeed!


Before each interview, it’s always good to review the basics. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself psychologically and show up for your technical interview with your mind at ease. To do this, you can visit sites like Codingames, which lists technical tests.

Mark your calendar

Will the technical interview take place remotely or at the workplace? The advantage there is that you’ll be more comfortable in a familiar environment. However, beware of distractions that could disturb your concentration. Be sure to create a calm environment around you — even if this means telling those around you that you should not be disturbed for a certain period.

Explain your code

If the technical interview takes place on the company’s premises, don’t hesitate to suggest that your interviewer stay at your side. The idea here is to explain your code step by step and make them understand your way of thinking. This will reassure the recruiter that you’ve mastered your technique.



Let’s move on to the little missteps you should never make during a technical interview. Whatever the situation, try to keep a cool head and control your emotions. There’s no better way to successfully meet this challenge!

Putting pressure on yourself

Stress is the best way to lose your nerve and not produce code that’s up to par with your abilities. Do some breathing exercises, put yourself in a bubble, and revise: have confidence in yourself and give it your best shot on Judgment Day!

Don’t give anything back

Even if the exercise gave you a hard time and you’re not entirely satisfied with your work, you shouldn’t be tempted to give anything back to your recruiter. On the contrary, take the opportunity to explain your work and where you may have encountered obstacles. The point here is to learn from the exercise!


If the technical interview takes place remotely, you may be tempted to cheat on the exam, but you wouldn’t be doing you any favors! You may run into some problems in the future if you join the organization and unnecessarily stress out if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Don’t ask questions

Was the exercise not quite clear and you need to clear up some doubts? Are you afraid of asking a “stupid” question, or unsure if you understood the interviewer correctly? Ask every question that comes to mind. It would be a shame to answer incorrectly and miss out on the job. You can also ask to rephrase if necessary.

With this overview of the do’s and don’ts of technical interviews, you should now be prepared for your big day. Rest assured, this is a hurdle you can cross and is indeed the perfect chance for you to impress your recruiter. What’s more, we’re preparing and will soon publish an article full of advice — this time dedicated to recruiters! Stay tuned




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