Rally your remote devs together with team spirit? Challenge accepted!

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Mar 17, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Rally your remote developers together with team spirit? Challenge accepted!

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The incredible democratization telecommuting has brought workers since 2017 and the still-ongoing global pandemic have tipped the scales: remote work is increasingly inviting itself into tech teams—and rightfully so! This phenomenon has hit an apex, and largely because employees appreciate all the greater flexibility—flexibility that developers are looking for when they seek a new job.

But teleworking also create pose a major problem: interaction between team members is weakened, and company values are more difficult to share. Since fully remote work is a requirement for IT professionals, companies must find ways to respond to these new challenges.




Taking care of the corporate culture

With more and more job offers for fully remote positions, business structure has been upended. That’s good news for those who work in the IT sector, which is perfectly suited for remote work.

First and foremost, teleworkers benefit from greater flexibility. They can conduct work their manager entrusts them with all the while organizing their own schedule. By working from home, programmers no longer lose time sitting in traffic, thereby becoming more productive. The only prerequisite is that they have a reliable Internet connection.

But here's the disclaimer: one disadvantage of full remote is that it becomes trickier to retain any internal company culture. Two years into the global pandemic, some employees have never even met each other face to face—and this despite recent easing of all the health restrictions. Fortunately, every problem has a solution!


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Creating a link despite the distance

Companies have realized that a sense of belonging and corporate culture are two issues that need to be thought through very carefully. If the company has planned to preserve the telework culture, it is up to the managers and HR managers to think about new ways of communication to be put in place. The objective here is to create links despite the distance, and to make the teams share the company's values. Without a guideline for employees and their devoted commitment—as much to the values of the company as to its goals—it’ll be difficult to bolster team loyalty.

To remain effective, team members need something other than the company's corporate issues. These privileged moments allow them to genuinely connect with each other, discover and understand one another better, and ultimately trust each other more. Forget the clichés of the hacker in a hoodie: each programmer has his or her own personality! Finally, when you know the different characters on your team, you’re bound to better adapt to feedback and take on criticism.


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Time to act! Here are a few changes to put in place ASAP:

  • a start-of-week huddle with a focus on efficiency
  • a Friday celebration to congratulate all the achievements of the week
  • a regular face-to-face meeting between the manager and developer to lay everything out on the table
  • collaborative workshops in the form of meetings where teams can lead or attend talks on the topic of their choice
  • team building so all employees can meet a few times a year outside the regular work context
  • training sessions of your choice and in teams, so that your developers stay up to date


To learn more and find inspiration

Some companies have already taken the leap and are polishing their company image to maintain team cohesion. The nexten.io team has investigated and offers you the most original ideas:

Gather Town

Thanksgiving tweet

Random Coffee

-> The luxury jewelerMessika offers its 200 employees, via the Tribalee application, the opportunity to have a lunch with colleagues they do not know. An algorithm draws groups of four people of all ages, functions and hierarchical positions. Each person logs on from home at 1pm on the day!


Be it through company seminars, team building, or meetups, the idea is to bring teams together physically—several times each year. This need is even more pressing since the onset of the pandemic! Some employees have joined teams without even having met their future colleagues...

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