Parting ways with procrastination!

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May 5, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Parting ways with procrastination!

When we spoke’s developers, we learned that—just like us all—they, too, have their lazy moments! We all have to let go from time to time, but we also need to find our best balance. With so many distractions all around us, working at home becomes all the more complex!


Trick your brain

brain trick 

The first step is simple: trick your brain into thinking you're going to the office today. To accomplish this, start by dressing in a classic work outfit. This way, you'll naturally let your body know that you're about to start a day where you need to be focused. Above all, don't spend the day in your pajamas! If you get the urge to pour a glass of water in the middle of a meeting, first ask yourself if you put on pants this morning. Because yes, those are optional!


Get off the bed or couch

A beginner's mistake you should never make thinking that you can work efficiently from your bed or by “chilling out” on your sofa. While it might sound like a neat or cozy idea, it's a treacherous path. To make your life easier, be sure to separate relaxation space from your workspace.


Take breaks

It’s often said that our concentration is typically exhausted after just 30 minutes on average. Whether at home or in the office, this means we need to take breaks! This way, our brain stays alert, we gain perspective on current projects, and it becomes possible to take a fresh look at the situation. By the way, this tip is closely related to the previous one: your breaks will be all the more effective if you get out of your workspace and go hit the lawn with a couple of rounds with the lawnmower.



Switch to airplane mode

Thankfully, smartphones have this option to turn off notifications during given time slots! Our own developers have adopted the habit; after all, it’s far too tempting to want to check out your phone after hearing it vibrate. Spoiler alert: becoming unfocused by notifications every few seconds is not the best way to avoid procrastination!


Give Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and company a break

Ah, the temptation of social networks... Internet users spend more than three hours a day on them, according to surveys. No need to draw you a picture: the more time you spend aimlessly scrolling feeds, the less time you spend on your current development projects.


Oh, and we have one last piece of advice before we finish: stay well hydrated! Indeed, the brain needs to be hydrated to be at their best. We hope we’ve convinced you enough—that you’ve grabbed a glass of water overcome those moments of laziness! Our video is nice too, if you want to check it out: 





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