"nexten.io's strength? Its combination of technology and people"

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Jun 28, 2022 8:00:00 AM

"nexten.io's strength? Its combination of technology and people"

In addition to being the first actual employee for Autopass, Oscar Ayoun has been its CEO for two years now. In more than 10 years in the business, Oscar has seen the world of recruitment evolve—especially in the tech sector!  From recruitment agencies specializing in tech to job boards and public job search organizations, Oscar juggles among all the recruitment players to find the future gems for his team's crown. One thing's clear in this market: recruiting is a challenge that can make more than one manager sweat.

In 2021, Oscar had a recruitment need: he was hunting for his new Sys Admin. He decided to get organized. Deciding to give all the players in the market a chance, he decided to publish his job post for two weeks on different portals. He started with jobs.lu. No score. He then moved on to step two: nexten.io. Bingo, a real success story!

"What's nexten.io's strength? Its combination of technology and people: the technology, with its intuitive and user-friendly job matching platform, and the human touch, with its team dedicated to advising and monitoring candidates. A little anecdote: of the three candidates we had pre-selected, we finally chose the one that Sébastien Louis, our nexten.io consultant, strongly recommended. That's proof that we're dealing with seasoned recruitment professionals!


The story behind the story

Oscar describes Autopass as a "tribe." After more than seven years with the company and the acquisition of the company by the French group Mobivia, he finds himself naturally propelled to the position of CEO. "When you put a group of people around a fire and huts, they choose the leader who they think will make the group prosper. With a team of about 20 employees, including seven developers, and after 10 years in the business, recruitment methods have nothing to hide from Oscar.

"When it comes to recruitment, I realized very quickly that you have to leave the decision to the team leader. So I prefer to leave it up to the managers: they first meet the candidate. Then, if there's a good vibe, it's my turn to discuss with him or her—especially my vision of the company and the meaning I want to give to the people on my team. HR is very good on the contract, payroll, and management side, but when it comes to finding THE candidate who fits in with the team, it's up to the manager and the rest of the team to decide.



Oscar looks back at the recruitment market and its challenges: "Recruiting in the tech sector isn't easy. For a few years now, we've been facing such a system of uberization, with freelancers juggling from one project and one technology to another and the difficulty of keeping talent. Autopass is looking for people who are committed and finding the right person can get complicated!"


"For my next recruitment need, I'll turn straight to nexten.io. To be honest, I'm already pretty sure I'll find the right match!"


Oscar elaborated on his discovery of the nexten.io platform: "I learned about nexten.io through Sébastien Louis, Business Developer. We talked about it almost two years ago, and I think it was still in the early days for you, but the pitch was already clear and rather attractive: an intuitive platform, an algorithm, job matching, and a human team behind it to make the connection. Already at the time, I thought that there was a missing intermediary in this market, a balance between recruitment agencies and job boards. I've already used headhunters, and I recognize their usefulness and their role in recruitment, but when you see the prices agencies charge, which are nearly 20% lower... I immediately grew fond of nexten.io's project, and I was completely convinced when I saw how quickly and smoothly the recruitment process went. I'm satisfied overall with nexten.io, and I highly recommend other companies use the platform to search for their developers. I've already recommended nexten.io to others! For my next recruitment need, I'll turn straight to nexten.io. To be honest, I'm already pretty sure I'll find the right match!"



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