How do you re-onboard those devs you recruited remotely?

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Aug 3, 2022 12:15:58 PM

How do you re-onboard those developers you recruited remotely during the pandemic?

While telecommuting has become commonplace since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, companies haven’t stopped recruiting to build their teams. For nearly a year, developers throughout Luxembourg, Belgium, France, and Germany have been integrating a new structure and new teams without even setting foot in the office. The new employees went through a remote onboarding phase.

With the increase of legal teleworking days from 24 to 34 for Belgian border workers in Luxembourg, teleworking and remote conferencing are two work practices that organizations will have to learn to juggle — all the more so with the gradual return of face-to-face employees!

While waiting for these new agreements to be applied, takes a look at onboarding that took place remotely throughout the pandemic. Remember that young developer who’s been working with you for months now — but that you still haven’t even shared a coffee with? Here are some tips for his or her next step with onboarding!

Don’t skimp on the welcome pack


Working remotely, your new developer surely already mastered the various digital tools within your business structure and adapted to the team’s intrinsic work methods. However, that’s no reason not to offer the traditional swag that others had the right to on their first day back in person!

Managers, organize a physical interview for your new developer — even for a few minutes with the rest of the team — just to ease and ensure integration. Remind them of the company’s values and the way you work. Don’t hesitate to decorate their office with goodies in the company’s colors and/or adorn their workplace with a pretty plant. Finally, an introductory breakfast or an after-work party will further solidify the ties that he or she has created from afar while establishing a solid team spirit.

Have a candid discussion


Chances are you’ve had more than one conversation with your new employees during the months you’ve all been telecommuting. That said, we’re not even going to pretend you don’t already know that nothing beats a face-to-face discussion!

Take advantage of the office return to organize a meeting with the developers who onboarded during the crisis. This is the time to test the water with them and make sure they feel comfortable in their new role. Encourage them to give you feedback on their integration, point out any complications, and share their points of improvement for the next wave. This feedback is invaluable: it allows you to revise weak points and perfect your onboarding process — whether remotely or on site!

Set up a referral program


Even if you’ve been working with the same people for months, arriving in a new place and building your own nest there can be overwhelming! That’s why the ideal solution is to set up a referral program internally. It’s up to you to choose, depending on your company’s values, what form this program should take. Junior developers might feel comforted by the idea of having a more senior partner ready to take them under their wing. More experienced developers might prefer being put in touch with developers on their own level who can then impart their knowledge peer to peer. This way, newcomers will always have someone to turn to — even for the questions they might find silly!

Whether it’s handled remotely or in real life, we know the onboarding phase remains a crucial step for every new employee’s successful integration. Managers, HR, and other employees have a vested interest in taking care of all new recruits. In short, give those developers who landed during the pandemic the consideration they deserve, and don’t skip the onboarding practices they deserve!



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