Developers: Why you should never neglect SEO

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Jan 20, 2022 3:43:00 PM

Developers: Why you should never neglect SEO

Are you one of those developers who’ve taken SEO seriously — both to understand the basics and to better understand its integration within development projects? This is the case for’s team of programmers, who’ve undergone extensive training on the subject.

Ludo, our front-end developer, explains how SEO training can only be beneficial to follow even when coding!

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SEO, a mysterious science?

SEO has always been promoted as the magic recipe for boosting a company’s search engine optimization (SEO) and thus its sales and revenue. “SEO is useful to organically increase site traffic — not just in terms of quantity, but also with qualitative reach,” explains Ludo, who goes back over the lessons he learned from his training.

Onboarding an SEO consultant with your team ensures that you improve the quality of your site’s content as well as its crucial position in search engine rankings. This is a long-term job that a technician working as a real conductor carries out, in harmony with the company’s various departments. This is what Ludo emphasizes at the outset: “ SEO training also shows how important it is to collaborate with all the various teams.”

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The technique behind content marketing

Many developers mistakenly think that SEO is not a field they should take interest in as it’s not a development technique in and of itself. But what’s the point of producing impeccable code if the site you’re developing isn’t then correctly indexed on search engines — especially Google?

SEO is not just about creating quality content but also slipping in strategic keywords. This is what Ludo emphasizes: “You have to understand that SEO is not just about content. There’s a lot of technique behind it, and it’s this part that can interest developers and make their training relevant.” There’s indeed a whole technical part that consists of optimizing the structure of the code if necessary, via tags, attributes, links, alternative text for images, and more. “It confirmed to me how important the HTML structure is. You have to be very rigorous at this level,” Ludo adds. “What’s more, some developers are unaware that generating clean SEO takes real effort. This work is often undervalued.”

Should developers take SEO lightly?

Understanding and mastering SEO techniques can only be beneficial for programmer. In addition to giving yourself a personal boost, adding new skill sets and better grasping how SEO works allow you to work more efficiently with the rest of the team. For Ludo, SEO training is essential: “If you don’t have [SEO training], it’s complicated to find information on your own on the Internet, for example. It’s hard to find quality information every time — especially since some experts contradict each other! The last point you shouldn’t skimp on: the choice of tools to optimize your SEO. With training, we were able to be accompanied by an expert who proposed solutions that met our needs.”

Since training last December, the team of developers has been working to apply all the lessons learned and improve the quality of’s search engine optimization. “This training also allows us to question ourselves and evaluate what’s been done well so far and to modify anything that is not going well. But it takes time. There’s quite a bit of work involved.”

Ludo’s favorite

To conclude (and to make you want to go further in the learning of SEO), here is the key lesson learned by Ludo after this training:

“One thing I learned that surprised me is that people imagine that you have to work on different versions of the website depending on the language. Not so! The right method is to separate them by geographical area. This is called internationalization, or i18n, since there are 18 letters between the first letter “i” and the last letter “n” of the word.”

The team of developers at is unequivocal: taking SEO training when you’re a developer offers many advantages. Whether you’re a developer or the head of a team of developers, take some time to look into this topic. You won’t regret it! Also, if you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us to see what this training looks like.

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