5 Ways to Boost Your Employer Brand for the Long Haul

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Mar 30, 2022 2:00:00 PM

5 Ways to Boost Your Employer Brand for the Long Haul

The data is in: after 18 months in a company,
one of every two employees is in a situation of failure. Reasons for failed recruitment vary from management-related problems, incompatibility between the new hire and expected missions, and a simple drop in motivation. This worsens when companies don’t take the time to bolster their employer brand! From the onboarding phase to development of employees’ skills, including organization and work atmosphere, companies have many methods to boost their employer brand, and it’s in their own best interest to get organized to avoid any slip-ups!

Here’s an overview of nexten.io’s best practices, to be applied on a daily basis among your tech teams.

1. Create a suitable job offer

First and foremost, you need to create a detailed job posting that accurately defines your company’s expectations for the position. The more detailed the job offer, the more the candidates who respond to it will match the skills needed. No more copy/paste and ready-made ads found on the Internet! Take time with IT leadership and tech recruiters to define your needs and find THE pearl that will meet your expectations.

You probably already know: the IT recruitment market is complex, and you’ll have to seduce candidates to be sure of getting the best tech profiles. This is the time for you, as soon as the job offer is made, to draw your best pen and to focus on making your company culture attractive.

2. Focus on the well-being of your employees

The well-being and fulfillment of your employees must be center stage. It’s a matter of putting real best practices in place to ensure your team remains loyal — and that’s not just a foosball table and coffee machine in the breakroom!

2020 was a pivotal year in terms of team organization. It was the year that made remote work methods essential. To do this, you need to allow your teams to work properly by digitizing exchanges as much as possible (documents as well as conversations) with your IT team and invest in the right tools, like numeric pay slips and electronic signatures.

3. Challenges and skills development

IT is a sector that is constantly evolving, and in order to meet challenges, employees need to be regularly updated on new technologies and their evolutions.

CTOs and tech recruiters: finance training for your employees who want to learn. The benefits are twofold: your company will be able to meet new customer demands, and your employees will benefit from an increase in skills. Moreover, your employees will have new challenges to face, an essential asset for boosting their motivation and daily commitment.

We suggest you provide your teams with online learning modules, sessions with a coach or an IT expert, or internal tools in the form of articles, webinars, or podcasts.

4. Give meaning by building loyalty around values

To engage your employees for the long haul, companies should establish a work dynamic centered around basic values that everyone can identify with. Leaders must precisely define three to four core values such as goodwill, transparency, integrity, and excellence. Thereafter, these values must be scrupulously applied evaluated by management and implemented throughout the work organization.

To accomplish this, we suggest you set up internal ambassadors. In addition to giving your employees the opportunity to contribute concretely to your company (beyond simply “producing” code), they’ll feel proud and fully committed from a professional point of view. The idea here is to look beyond the technical skills to the human qualities your employees possess, and to highlight them within the team dynamic.

5. Take the road less taken

To ensure 100% successful recruitment, adapt to your market! Think “outside the box” of traditional methods like job boards, social networks, community platforms, and recruitment agencies. Many companies still expect results from these methods, yet they’re neither very specialized nor adapted to IT employees’ expectations.

Instead, turn to specialized matching platforms such as nexten.io that put you in direct contact with the profiles most suited to your needs — both from a technical and soft-skills perspective. At nexten.io, tech profiles are directly connected with CTOs — without intermediaries! This type of solution doesn’t require a subscription and offers autonomy and simplicity, putting you in contact with tech specialists in your field.

More than ever, companies are making employer branding a top priority, and they’re handling the task well! This offers many advantages: reduced turnover, better team cohesion, and stronger employee commitment. From the selection of the candidate to his or her integration within the team, including onboarding, the phases of successful recruitment pose as many challenges for employees as they do for the company.

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